Mercurial Sheep is the collaboration of two young writers.


They met through the Movellas website and came up with this idea for a site to help writers overcome hurdles with their writing. All these tips and tools have been found useful by them.


Hello! I’m Mercury, an amateur writer who started writing since the age of eight. Writing was just something that always interested me from time to time.


My writing journey really started when I joined a writing website called Movellas and the environment over there inspired me to write. I have had writer’s block many times (almost all the time) and I know how bad it feels unable to write anything.


My friend had an idea of making a website to overcome writer’s block and he created this website (yes, all of it). So let’s kick writer’s block’s ass and write!

Hello, I'm Sheep. I'm also an amateur writer who enjoys the freedom that writing gives me. I'm quite a late comer to writing, only having took it up when I was around 14. However I used to make stories up in head all the time.


The first thing I really wrote in anger was NaNoWriMo a few years ago. I failed miserably with 23,000 words but it kept me going. I came across Movellas a couple of years later and love the atmosphere and encouragement it has give me.


I hope that Merc and I can help young writers and maybe experienced ones as well with our tips and tools.